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Host and producer Tina Horn brings on special guests to take you through an occasionally blush-inducing, frequently educational, and inherently thoughtful look at fetishes, kinks, and the other misunderstood ephemera that make up complicated human sex lives. The final episode aired 4.10.19. Kayleigh Roberts is a freelance writer and editor with more than 10 years of professional experience. Share your thoughts on local or global current events and politics. Comedy is a top podcasting genre, but other topics like news, true crime, science, pop culture and health are also popular. Date: March 12, 2023 Session Title: Jesus Restored My Life The Point: Jesus restored what was broken in my life. What would you really enjoy talking about? Start a podcast about your journey learning to play the piano, paint, or sewthe list goes on. The monthly episodes generally run around an hour, which you can find on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and TuneIn. Take an investigative look at paranormal mysteriesbeliever or skeptic! Partner with Castos to Launch Your Podcast. For many people, discussing sex with their parents is on the "No Thanks List" right alongside "root canal" and "rush hour traffic." Break down DIY projects for your podcast listeners. As youre coming up with good topics for podcasts, consider which format will work the best for your show. Click here for a 20-minute podcast for both the group member and the leader. Who doesnt love pets? You can chat tech breakthroughs, reviews of different printers, various techniques, future possibilities, etc. Then get to the hard stuff: work tasks, family obligations, personal hobbies, etc. This will help you through the decision-making process and finalize the perfect podcast topic. Some podcast hosts may even interview leaders in the field of mental health. If you . Create a self-help podcast for a specific group of people. February 27, 2023 By Lynn Pryor Leave a Comment. Weve got 30 podcast themes to help you start your podcast plus tips for how to brainstorm and find your perfect podcast idea. Help listeners troubleshoot common house problems, fix things themselves, or make home improvements with DIY projects. You could talk about the ins and outs of audio production, mention tools you use to record, edit, and publish your podcast, or even do reviews of other podcasts. Play improv games with cohosts and guests! This way you dont slap yourself on the forehead one day and say, Oh no! If you have that spark, youll always feel motivated to create new episodes. 1Friends Life Care, a nonprofit organization focused on helping older adults thrive at home as they age, has launched a new podcast, "Honestly Aging" by VigR Health. You can take this type of podcast in many different directions: music reviews, the best of certain genres, highlighting more obscure indie artists, etc. 29. Who Is Hasnat Khan, Princess Dianas Boyfriend on Season 5 of The Crown? 10. 2. Want more brand awareness and new customers? Courtesy of Audible. Have a couple each describe their first meeting, an interviewer and interviewee recount the interview that got them the job, or a police officer and inmate remember an unexpected arrest. Instead of a general nutrition podcast, consider focusing on nutrition for busy moms or individuals with a specific medical condition. Knowing these podcast ideas are already popular with large audiences, you may be tempted to jump right into one of these topics. Create in-depth audio tutorials on any number of topics. You can analyze a number of hypothetical situations, adding your commentary and expert analyses to confirm or deny your hypotheses. O'Brien announced that, despite the fact that he has interviewed thousands of people during his lifetime, he has yet to develop a lasting friendship. What do you want to share with others? Whether you have a podcast about science, films, animals, or healthcare, you can find experts and entrepreneurs to bring a new depth of insight to your episodes. Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support 11 days ago We share effective tips and practices for working with Adult ADD / Adult ADHD in a natural, holistic way, without the use of medications. This kind of content is easy to put together in post-production, and because your clients are leading the way, you don't have to come up with as many episode ideas yourself. Talking about their favorite teams with other sports fans! For added production value, invite some other people onto your show to play characters in your story. Create a tutorial podcast, where you teach listeners how to use a tool, complete a process, or work on a skill. You can also interview listeners on their own suggestions and travel stories. With a completed listener persona in hand, lets jump into what makes a podcast idea good. Host Jamie Morton uncovered that his otherwise very normal father had secretly been writing explicitly and baffling erotica under the pseudonym Rocky Flintstone. Do they care about the same issues as you? 40 Podcast Topic Ideas to Grow Your Podcast in 2023: 1. Its often hard to understand why people think and behave the way they do because we cant see their point of view. You could also record conversations with local people and other travelers. To keep up this format long-term, try asking one deep question and answering it for every episode. I was revisiting one of my favorite podcasts today, LeVar Burton Reads (Hey, it's like Reading Rainbow for adults), because a friend had shared a podcast with me, and it got me wondering what everyone's listening to. What makes a podcast topic good is telling a story that touches people emotionallyrelaying the information so the audience feels hope, suspense, sadness, and happiness as the story unfolds. They can also be used by teens in a relationship for a while and want to find out more about someone. Break down complicated scientific topics in a way everyone can understand or make more niche content only a select group would appreciate. Mar. In this article, we discuss podcast jobs and job boards, and offer some key advice to find your next job. Help take the guesswork out of purchases by doing product reviews for your listeners. Good episode. Stand-Up Comedy Podcast 6. Review TV Show Characters 7. Talk about your successes and failures. Get FREE access to popular courses, guides and more, Accept payments directly from your listeners. Marcus Parks and Jackie Zebrowski host this bite-sized podcasts in which they answer listener questions about sex, but in a more psychological fashion. True crime podcasts unpack a crime or incident that actually happened, analyzing it in detail. You can focus on a particular country or region of the world or cover the entire globe. Obviously, this format works best for topics that change daily (like news, tech, the stock market, etc.). An area where you can find topic ideas are the lists on podcast platforms like Apple. You can make small changes to your podcast topic without confusing your listeners or doing a significant rebrand. You could create a podcast around everyday cooking, car maintenance, or navigating the increasingly complex Facebook. If you, too, experienced your sexual awakening via FanFiction.net, this podcastoriginally launched with a (literally) explicit Harry Potter theme under the name Potteroticais a must . Podcasts cover a variety of topics and generally have something for everyone, no matter what your interests or hobbies are. Have any questions about this guide? 6. For example, refining a marketing podcast down to ecommerce marketing on Shopify will help you concentrate on a specific audiences needs and home in on the right content for your episodes. There are also podcasts for those who need to learn business English. Dare to be different and take risks, conquer your fears and take charge of your own journey. It helps to pick a niche, like beauty, sports gear, hiking equipment or clothing, and stick to products from that niche. Tutorials 16. Ask: Can you name five of the people who rank among the top 10 richest people in the world? This self-described smutty but charming podcast has already won awards for its considered portrayals of LGBTQ sex lives. TED Talks Daily - They have produced over 2000 podcasts to date, discussing a variety of different important topics. Do you have an interesting job or interest in a particular field? #Millennial | The Podcast for Millennials US 5. Keep in mind, this format can require more planning and research than other topics. Conversation topics are plentiful and range from family to work to hopes and dreams. Music 7. But oftentimes, that isnt the case. Award-winning author and activist Glennon Doyle is best known for penning the bestselling memoir "Untamed," but podcast listeners . Their hilarious banter, thoughtful responses, and open-minded approaches to everything from classic questions like "Can you ever re-enter the friend zone?" Marie Claire is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Being stimulated by your shows theme can provide a necessary boost to spend weekends and evenings producing the show. This topic makes for perfect content marketing for a hardware or home improvement store. But there are countless regular people in the world with interesting stories to tell. Ask yourself what your average listener looks like (age, interests, location, etc.). Local news 2. Choosing the right topic for your new podcast is foundational to your show's success. Continue reading, and you will definitely find a great topic. Choose a subject you dont know much about but would like to learn more and discover it along with your listeners. Choose something that you wont get tired of talking or thinking about too. However, this is NOT the best way to go about selecting a podcast topic. If you really love podcasts, consider creating a show that reviews and reacts to other shows. But this isnt the best approach. In this podcast series, Jayme is joined by Adult ESL educators, thought leaders, and advocates for candid conversations about topics important to teachers in this dynamic field. Some people listen to podcasts for relaxation, and ASMR is one of the most popular genres for it. Interviewing your listeners is a great way to make your podcast content interactive and give your audience a chance to share their personal experiences around your topic. Weave in interviews with professional singers, record pieces from the classes, or try a karaoke style episode to report on your progress. Stuff You Should Know Podcast, Stuff You Should Know is just that: stuff everybody should know, served up by Josh and Chuck in the most entertaining fashion. You can discuss entire podcasts or specific episodes. It has to be something related to your podcast niche or name. 3D printing is an up-and-coming technology with a lot of news to discuss. Give the history of a sport, interview athletes, or recap the latest game. People love listening to good stories, and you can make it a serial drama so you have a new episode each week. There are lots of podcasts for that. Update listeners on the latest developments in a particular area of tech: podcasting, gaming, videography/photography, etc. The rare podcast for the already-settled-down. To find your voice, consider the following: Once youve explored your voice and who you want to be as a podcaster, think about your audience. Have A Signature Question. Help listeners simplify their lives with productivity hacks. Repurposed content takes some kind of pre-recorded media and transforms it into podcast format. You can tell stories in narrative form or add production elements, a cast, etc. Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes. A roundtable podcast features three or more cohosts discussing a topic, taking listener calls, or interviewing a guest. Cooking 17. Here are our favorite shows that nail this concept: To find your differentiator, it often helps to make a broad topic niche. 100+ Podcast Topic ideas 1. You can add this question to the end of interviews as a segment or structure the whole episode around this one question. These are some of the more popular podcast topics out there. Whether you're looking for insights on politics, business, finance, science, or anything else, there are countless podcasts available to help you keep pace with the latest developments in your industry. Audiences love hearing multiple points of view about the same event. Millennial podcast is about journeying through young adu . Movies 9. To help you get some memorable topic ideas, we have gathered lists of topics that could be used in any type of debate like Lincoln-Douglas debate topics, rebuttal debates, and others. A large part of this is because . We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle. Find out, and maybe even laugh about it. To get started, download our Listener Persona worksheet. Event planning is a big industry, so youre bound to get some listeners if you cover it in your podcast. All the dance numbers! The more unique the situation, the more out-of-the-box commentary you can weave in to create truly funny episodes. The Bible Binge When discussing Bible stories, academic scholars' incomprehensible theological conversations focusing on hermeneutics are common. But dont worry, ahead well help you find and analyze which podcast topic is right for you. This type of content is evergreen; your audience can listen to the same meditations over and over. property of Restream, Inc. Dr. Emily Morse is a judgement-free, super approachable human sexuality expert, and she wants to share her knowledge with her listeners. Beyond the To-Do List. Sleep with Me: Think of this podcast as bedtime stories for adults. I have been confused and afraid for a long time. It's dramatic, sexy, and extremely well-produced, making it a totally immersive fantasy experience that treats sex with positivity. If you're in the nutrition field, you can tailor your expertise to a specific group of people. Dissect various kinds of art, including its history, origins, the biography of the artist, or share different points of view of the same piece of work. Some are funny, some are informative, all are NSFW. Delving deep into the most strange and surreal stories, this podcast is a great example of how to take an audience along for a suspenseful mystery ride. Compile stories you've heard, interview listeners with personal spooky stories, or interview people who conduct paranormal research. Popular podcast Supernatural With Ashley Flowers takes known supernatural phenomena and presents all the facts in a fresh and thought-provoking way. Take careful notes so you can walk your listeners through a day in the life. You know those infomercials that play after 2 AM and promote some seriously odd products? Each episode, she talks about her own life and then picks a few reader submissions to go over, in which she explains everything from which sex toys are best for which proclivities and how multiple orgasms are totally a thing. Roughly 30% of millennials have a small business or side gig, and lots of people need help scaling it. The Learn English Podcast is excellent for beginners. Thau explores heartbreak, the connections we. The best way to pick a podcast is to listen to a few and see what resonates with you. You likely have knowledge people would pay to hear. Have a knack for storytelling? People love hearing exciting crime stories, especially if theyre true. How Do I Choose the Best Mental Health Podcast for Me? In times when you dont see success, a compelling topic can help motivate you to continue producing the show simply because you enjoy talking about it. There are two ways to do this: You can either choose a different community newspaper each week or focus on the news in your community. Solves One Specific Problem. Kimmy Foskett was challenged by her therapist to break her bad dating habits by going on 100 first datesand the 51 First Dates podcast was born. Do they have similar questions as you? Depending on your industry, there are resources to access high-level information about groups of people. If you cover topics geared toward retired people, you may find a sizable audience. Engage with your audience and remind them that theres a real person behind the microphone. Identify how the host unravels the story and what emotions bubble up as you listen. Technology is a vast topic to explore and can take form as several types of podcasts. If you have guests on your podcast, they should also be unique. The answer is in having great questions to initiate great conversation topics. You can create a supplementary PDF tutorial and use it as a free piece of content to grow your email list. Theres a convention or event of some kind for every industry. Tennessee has become the first state to enact a law this year prohibiting sexually explicit drag shows where they may be viewed by children, reacting to concerns about the upswing of drag queens .

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